How to Update the Firmware on the 1MORE EVO

To provide the best possible user experience, 1MORE EVO supports firmware updates via the 1MORE MUSIC app. Please see below how to update your EVO with the latest firmware (New firmware version: v0.53.33):


1. Connect 1MORE EVO to your phone. Open the 1MORE MUSIC app, choose "OTA firmware upgrade" and then click "UPGRADE NOW".



2. The whole upgrade process will take around 5 minutes. To avoid upgrade failure, please do not perform any operations on the device or earbuds (such as making calls, listening to music, etc.) during the process.



    3. Once the upgrade is completed (New firmware version: v0.53.33), the 1MORE EVO will automatically reset and reconnect with your device.




    Major improvements:

    1. Improved calling experience.

    2. It allows a memory function for LDAC, aka the LDAC mode will be automatically 
    switched on in the future once manually set up via the APP. (Previously, the earbuds 
    would play on and reset to “stable connection” mode as a default every time the user reconnects the earbuds with their phones.)



    For additional questions on the firmware upgrade process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team at:

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