Consumers Win: 1More And Its Goal To Disrupt Headphones

by Dave Russell May 13, 2016

1MORE' was recently featured in Forbes Magazine.

Another great example is 1More’s Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones. Audio quality is fantastic compared to typical ear buds because of the signature triple driver feature: instead of the usual one or two drivers covering the entire sonic range, these offer dual-balanced armatures plus a dynamic driver. Premium ear buds in general have been moving to the triple driver model for the superior sound reproduction they offer. In this case, those balanced armatures handle the upper frequencies (to a claimed 40 kHz for extreme detail) while the dynamic driver is dedicated to lower frequencies, ensuring powerful bass reproduction.

Besides the audio quality, 1More’s design and engineering make a premium statement. The earphone body is made of sand-blasted, forged aluminum colored black with elegant gold trim. The cable is enameled copper wrapped around Kevlar with an outer coating of braided nylon. Inside the magnetically closed box are the headphones along with an assortment of high quality accessories: six sets of silicon ear tips, three sets of memory foam ear tips, a dual prong airline adapter, shirt clip and –instead of the usual cloth bag– a compact leather (or maybe faux leather, I couldn’t tell) stitched protective travel case with a magnetic clasp.

The entire experience is upscale, with no corners cut: fit, design, audio performance, packaging and accessories.

Dave Russell
Dave Russell