The coolest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show

by Alex Silverman February 16, 2016

Headphones? The Path Towards Wearables
There was no shortage of audio and headphone products at CES this year, as is usually all years. However, I seemed to notice a trend towards smarter headphones and wearable technology this year as well. That`s why headphones and audio were important for me to start with, but as you`ll see with the 1More headphones, wearable smart watch maker Misfit is seeking to use this headphone technology in their own wearable technology! Here are some of my favorites that I saw on the show floor:

Favorite In-Ear Headphones - 1More Triple-Driver In-ear Headphones: If you follow me on Facebook you`ll know I`m very excited about these. With a triple-driver inside, the sound on these $99 in-ear headphones is just amazing. For the price especially, these are truly some of the best earphones I`ve ever heard - they stack right up with my $300+ over-ear Pioneer headphones. I loved these headphones and just had to get my hands on them to review (which I`ll do later on this blog). Currently the triple-driver is not yet available to the public - you can purchase their dual-driver version on Amazon here though - the triple driver should be available end of January:

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Alex Silverman
Alex Silverman