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1MORE Announces New Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones at E3

1MORE's Official E3 Debut

E3 marked the official announcement of 1MORE’s newest addition to its gaming arsenal, the Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones. The Spearhead VRX’s feature the revolutionary Waves Nx® Head Tracking technology, a ground-breaking 3D audio technology that utilizes intelligent head tracking sensors to follow the listener’s every movement with virtual room emulation to immerse them into a virtual reality audio environment indistinguishable from being in the game (or movie). Waves Nx® makes the VRX come alive as if your listening to the sound in the real world. Research shows that head tracking significantly improves the listener’s ability to localize audio sources and reduces back-front ambiguity by over 50%. This gives the users the ability to rapidly pinpoint the direction and location of a sound and improve their audio-location capabilities, which in turn brings your game experience to a whole new level.

To help power the ultra-realistic sound experience, the VRX headphones feature a 50 mm graphene synchronized vibrating magnetically levitated driver. The combination of the vibrating drivers and sound propagation speed, accompanied by super bass acoustics tuning, makes those booms, bangs, and other gaming noises extremely vivid. To greatly enhance in game communication, the headphones feature a proprietary Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) dual mic technology with a precise microphone array that can efficiently filter out over 90% of background noise. This microphone array technology allows voice transmission to remain crystal clear no matter which environment you are in. 







On top of the Spearhead VRX announcement, 1MORE gave E3 attendees an exclusive look at the brand new Spearhead VR BT In Ear Headphones, the Triple Driver Bluetooth In Ear Headphones, as well as the Dual Driver ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Bluetooth In Ear Headphones. For more pictures on these new products, head to our Facebook Highlights from E3


E3 featured the top gaming and entertainment companies across the globe, including Epic Games, creators of the viral Fortnite Battle Royale. Sony, Nintendo and more also featured prominent booth set ups in launch of their new video games and consoles. The 1MORE booth was packed all week, where we featured tons of fun onsite promotions including the Fortnite Solo Challenge, Fortnite Duals Tournament, and the PUBG Solo Challenge. Attendees had opportunities to put their skills to the test where some even walked away with a brand new pair of Spearhead VR’s. 

1MORE also invited professional gamers and Twitch streamers to showcase their talent to the entire show, including LosPollosTV, Becca, Freya Fox, and Thinnd. Head to our Facebook page to view the E3 photo album showcasing some of the highlights from the show, including some sneak peaks at even newer products, like the Bluetooth Triple Drivers and Dual Driver ANC’s.  






 We have some big things planned for CES 2019, hope to see you there! 

- 1MORE 

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