Dear partners,

This quick guide will walk you through on how to join 1MORE affiliate program* and get tracking links. It only takes 4 easy steps before you start making money! 

* 1MORE built its program on Impact Radius, a powerful affiliate tracking and payment platform trusted by thousands of partners and brands.

Step 1: Register  

Click here to sign up and accept the commercial terms.

Once all information has been submitted, follow their instructions to finish the process. It takes around 24 hours for Impact Radius to review and approve your account.

Step 2: Approve

After you submit the sign up form, we will receive a notification and review your application within 24 hours.

Step 3. Track

Bravo! Now you can get your dedicated affiliate link and start to make money!

The Easiest way:
    -On your homepage, find the "Create a Link" section. Click on the “Create” button then copy the link.

  • If you need Assets:
    Click on Content>Assets in the header menu. You’ll find all promotional assets available for you. 

Select the assets you need and simply click on the corresponding button to download or get the tracking link.

For more advanced requests, please refer to Impact Radius guidelines here or follow the guide on the dashboard.

Step 4: Test

Last but not least. Test the link to ensure it is working properly. Open a new tab and paste the link in the URL box. If it lands on 1MORE's home page or the landing page you specify, it’s good to go.

If you are stuck on any steps, don't hesitate to send us an email ( we are here for you.